8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Exactly a Gay

1. Wentworth Miller

The great epizode called Prison Break did achieve a great success among the fans in all over the world. Miller did get the main character’s role in the movie and he played really well. This was the big breakthrough during his carieer. Although, after Prison Break he did diseppeare we could not see him in big movies. In 2010 Wentworth was judged by the fact that he is homosexual and so far he did not clarify his point of view.


2. Neil Patrick Harris


I guess you already known him from the great epizode How I met your mother. No doubt, his really own style and charisma immediately catch your attention. To be honest, it is a little bit funny that the big macho who picks up every female is a gay person in the real life. Currently, Neil lives together with David Burke who also works in the film industry. Based on the last interview, they live in harmony and their relationship is unbreakable.


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3. Ricky Martin


He became a real popstar with ” Loca”(official song of the world cup in 1998.) He is a real latin men who is extremely popular especially among the females. You could not imagine that he is gay, he looks like a real heartbreaker. Anyway Martin do not feel shame he is proud to his sexual orientation. On the other hand, girls and wimans are probably could still not accept that fact. Truly, we could not proscribe him due to the fact that he is really talented and successful.


4. Jim Parsons


Jim Parsons was born in America in 1973. The famous epizode called Big Bang theory became popular in all over the world. The main character namely Sheldon achived great successes among the fans. Jim maintains a harmful and balanced relationship with Todd Spiewalk since 2002. He also told to the media that they will probably adopt a foreign child in the future. Congratulations! He was able to face with his fears and confess to everyone.


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5. Elton John


No doubt, he is one of the best British songwriter, producer and singer ever not just in Europe but in the entire world as well! Eltohn was born on 25 march 1947 in America and grown up in a middle-classed simple family. When he was around 17, he decided to start his musician carieer as soon as possible. He did suceed, his first big song was ”Your song” which immediately graped the media and people’s attention.


6. Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen is a famous actor and producer best known from the great movie The Lord of the Rings. Ian also won two academy awards between 1990-2000. He announced his sexual oreientation in 1988 during a radio talk. No need to say that everyone was shocked by the news. Obviously, it was not important because he still one of the best actor not just in Hollywood but in the whole world as well! Recently, Ian still plays in great movies and he did not stop working.


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7. Channing Tatum


Channing Tatum was born in Alabama in 1980. He is a great dancer, producer and actor. We probably all know him from 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike or A Guide to Recognize Your Saints. Tatum is extremely muscular and well built-up and he also popular among the female fans. Most of the people were shocked when he did confess his sexual orientation. Despite of that, Tatum did not feel a shame he continued working and producing and he is still one of the most successful actor in Hollywood, nowdays.


8. Eddie Murphy


You might have heard about him…he is a really funny person! Eddie grown up in New York and started his carieer as a comedian in Saturday Night Life. As time went on he became a real epizode star he played in Beverly Hills for instance. Eddie is also a famous voice actor we could identify him in Shrek for example. In his case, noone cares about his sexual orientation because he is one of the most talented actor ever.


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