How To By Pass Google Play Store And Download Pokemon Go !!


Currently the hottest game Pokemon Go is only available to download and play in Australia and New Zealand. It will be released in other countries from phase to phase very soon.

Therefore many players have tried to bypass the Pokemon GO download from Google Play Store by changing their location to Australia or New Zealand, and other gaming sites have warned people against this because this may result in you being banned from the game altogether.

If you are a Pokemon fan like me, you too would have gotten very excited with news websites announcing the release of Pokemon Go on Android and iOS. And then you will go to the Google Play Store or App Store searching for it, only to be greeted by this disappointing sight:


However there is a way for the world to play the Pokemon Go without losing your interest now.

Let’s be the pioneer to download the Pokemon GO APK here. This file when downloaded will let you install the app and play it.

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