Pokémon Go Tips: Catch The Rare and Most Popular Pokémon In The Klang Valley


If you are a Pokémon collector or trainer, here’s the guide for you to catch some of the most desired virtual beasties in Pokémon Go.

Pidgie, Zubats and Ratata are everywhere in Malaysia but where can we find the rare and powerful one such as Pikachu, Dragonite and Gyarados.

While using lures can always attract hard-to-find Pokémon and there are some Pokémon you are almost guaranteed to get in some areas. Apparently Pokémon nests or places where some rare species will spawn more often do exist.


Following is a tough to catch Pokémon list and near-guaranteed locations where you will find them in Klang Valley.


Pikachu is the most iconic for kids who grew up watching the first season of Pokémon animation series. That’s why a hidden Easter egg in the game even lets you choose Pikachu as a starter.


If you missed out getting this little guy as a starter, you can easily grab it at either Sunway Pyramid, near the ice skating rink at Sunway Pyramid or around Taman Jaya Park. Spawn rates at Sunway are the best, with Pikachu appearing at the very least every 15 minutes or so.

A fans on the Pokémon Go Malaysia Facebook page says the exact coordinates for Pikachu spawns at Taman Jaya are the following: 3.104539, 101.650021.


This little fire breather is also most known for appearing in the first Pokémon show but if you didn’t pick him, well, he is an elusive little critter. It also evolves into Charmeleon and subsequently its most powerful dragon form Charizard.


Good news is that a Charmander nest has been identified at Merdeka Square to be precise. The fastest way to get a Charmander is to walk around the field and not necessarily near Pokestops. Charmander spawns fast enough you’ll find it at the very least every 15 minutes.


This little pokemon is a bit more elusive. It has been spotted at Tropicana Mall as well as near the Sultan Abdul Samad building near Merdeka Square.


For the most part though, It can usually be found near lakes but a good time to catch him in the daytime at least is by trawling Sunway Giza mall.


Eevees may be adorable but when it comes to gorgeous Pokémon, Vulpix would probably take the crown in the unevolved category.


Vulpix will evolve into the stunning golden Ninetales, coveted but very much elusive in the wild. Not to fear, there’s one place where Vulpix just won’t stop popping up and that’s around the Shah Alam Melawati stadium.


You think you’d need help to catch the ridiculously common Magikarp? Why, yes, if you want to know where the nest is: Titiwangsa Lake Gardens.


Take your bicycle along with you along the paths and you’ll get more of the floppy Pokémon than you know what to do with in nearly no time at all. Best place so far in the Klang Valley to quickly amass enough Magikarp to evolve into the fearsome water dragon Gyurados.

A bonus is that various water Pokémon will also likely be in the vicinity and as it’s a popular spot for lures, you might even catch a rare Pokémon or two.



You must absolutely to add this hilarious Pokémon to your roster, we’re very sure you can easily find it at the Cyberjaya Lake Gardens, where two popped up in less than 10 minutes.

We do warn you though that it might just give you a fright if you happen to be walking in the park at night and it pops up on your phone.

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