Unbreakable Legendary Nokia 3310 To Be Re-launched at MWC 2017

The Nokia 3310 a legendary phone since year 2000, easy to use, borderline indestructible and it’s battery seems able to last forever. Entertainment wise it had Snake. It’s been a while since the phone was at the top of the mobile heap, but like Rocky Balboa, it could soon be making a spectacular comeback. Renowned phone leaker Evan “Evleaks” Blass reports that HMD Global, the new owner of the Nokia name, is preparing a handset that shares the 3310 moniker. Like its beloved predecessor, the device is reportedly a feature phone that focuses on the absolute basics. It’ll cost €59 and compete directly with the growing number of low-end Android smartphones.

Otherwise, details are scarce. The Nokia 3310 is a technology icon, so reviving the brand makes sense. It’s a name people recognize and will draw some attention to the broader Nokia name revival. HMD Global has already released a “dumb phone” called the Nokia 150, so a new-look 3310 wouldn’t be new ground for the company. The back-to-basics handset cost just $26 and ran the Series 30+ software platform, rather than Android.

Some Fact About the Pass 3310

The Nokia 3310 has gained an almost mythical reputation over the past 15 years or so thanks to its incredible battery life and stout hardiness compared to the mobile phones of today.

While the 3210 laid groundwork by coming pre-installed with games and by being one of the first phones to ditch the gaudy external antenna, the 3310 was a worthy upgrade for many dedicated mobile fans. Adding features we take for granted today — such as vibration, screensavers and the ability to compose text messages that go beyond the SMS character limit — the 3310 was also significantly lighter and came with four brand new games pre-installed, including the wildly popular Snake II.

Despite the upgrades, the 3310 could leverage its relatively tiny (and replaceable) 900mAh battery to last 55 hours on standby. Like the 3210, the 3310 also allowed users to remove the front and back covers for a change of colour or design.

Nokia 3310 Specification

Source: Engadget

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