Artist Father Turn His Young Kids’ Sketches Drawing Into Amazing Anime Characters

Thomas Romain is a French anime artist who lives in Tokyo. He works on various anime series such as Aria, Basquash!, Symphogear, and Space Dandy.

Thomas’s sons enjoy drawing pictures of characters they have thought up on their own. Thomas then takes their sketchy drawing and polishes them up as awesome, professional-grade artwork, sharing the results in a series of tweets as he calls the Father and Sons Design Workshop.

Anyone who like or interested on Thomas masterpiece drawing can just follow his official twitter here

#1. Mathematics Robot

#2. Cloud Village

#3. Killer Machine

#4. Flame Guardian

#5. Snake Warrior

#6. Pyramid Devil

#7. Flower Love

#8. Space Warrior

Tools that used by Thomas includes 2H pencil, eraser and water color only.

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