12 Amazing Unique Inventions Only In Japan That Should Be In Every Country

1. Upside Down Gas Pumps

In Japan, the petrol station gas pipes are hanging upside down. This will helps drivers to avoid a situation where they can’t reach the gas tank from their car.

2. Real Food Vending Machines

The Japanese value their time so that they invented vending machines that provide you not only with drinks, potato chips and chocolate but also fried potatoes, boiled eggs, noodle, and pasta.

3. Compact Parking

Japan has a population of 127 million but small land as 145,932 square miles only, so economizing on space is a priority. This unique two-level parking that really helps a lot.

4. Drink Cans for Blind People

People who blind also want to know what drink they are holding. Therefore every single drink can have the name written in braille on the top.

5. The Chair That Help to Hold your Bag

Japan has simply inventing a chair with a special notch in it to solve the issue where bag hanging on chair that always fall down.

6. Trains with Foot Spas

Japanese can get a ticket for special sub-urban trains with hot water baths for your feet to help you get rid of the daily stress.

7. Multi-functional Toilets

Japan’s advanced multi-functional toilets do help people with disabilities, clean themselves, and even heat themselves up.

8. Automated Taxi Doors

Most of the taxi in Japan do have an automatic doors which you’ll never get told off for slamming them shut.

9. Musical Roads

In Japan, there are a few roads where you can hear a pleasant melody while you drive along them.

10. Kotatsu, The Heated Table

The kotatsu is a table with a blanket that is heated from below. Developed in the 14th century, they are seen outside Japan only on the rarest of occasions.

11. A Country-Wide Announcement System

Loudspeakers throughout the entire country of Japan inform citizens of emergencies, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, play pleasant music in times of peace, and let children know when it is time to go home.

12. Nap Time at Work

Do you feel sleepy at work after your lunch hour? The Japanese decided there was no point fighting this common urge and gave everyone the legal right to sleep at work.

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