30+ Innovative Minion Products That You Will Absolutely Love

Despicable Me 3 is screening at all over the world now. From their crazy language to the silly things they do, they are totally loveable, huggable and hysterical.

So if you are a super minion fan or lover, you will absolutely love these 30+ minion products.


Minion Windscreen Sunshade











Minion Car Steering Cover


Minion USB Drive


Minion Water Bottle


Minion Apron


Minion Pillow


Minion Christmas Decoration


Minion Sanitary Pad

Minion Hand Made Paper Box (Aka SpongeBob)


Minion Fire Pit


Minion Hot Pant


Minion Toothpaste Ejector


Minion Fire Hydrant


Minion Nail Art

Minion Balloon


Minion Marshmallow Roast


Minion Suit


Minions School Bag


Minion Bra


Minion Bean Bag

Minion Bedroom Themes


Minion Bow


Minion Party Sweets


Minion Toothbrush


Minion Cup

















Minion Tic-Tac

Minion Battery


Minion Shoes


Minion Phone Case

Minion Goggles








Minion High Heel

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